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Return to article indexIf your local area where you live was subject to a CDC initiated quarantine for the Flu or other reasons, it would be a good idea to  make sure ahead of time that you have enough supplies to cover ten days to two weeks for your bird care needs.

Do you have enough extra clean water, bird food - whether that be seed or pellets, and any needed medications set aside to care for your birds for at least two weeks?  Stores may not have supplies available for purchase in the event of a Flu quarantine or any natural disaster in your area.  You may not be able physically to travel to a store even if they had supplies. You, and your birds will be on your own!

You know your own birds better than anyone,and you probably know their food and water consumption patterns better than anyone as well.  Make your own best judgement about what will work for you and your own birds. We're encouraging you to think about it now, and do something sooner than later - while it is still relatively easy to stowe extra supplies if you don't already have them.You may also want to consider making a hospital cage while you are in this process - for the same reasons.

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