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The purpose of the Santa Clara Finch Club is to connect folks with a common interest in learning about, and raising finches as pets, learning about their care and health, and showing them in local bird shows.  We welcome finch breeders posting "birds for sale" on our forum.

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Why Quarantine My Newly Purchased Birds? 

We are including this info as a graphic example of why you really need to quarantine your newly purchased birds.... mites occur in many kinds of birds including Canaries,

Finches and Softbills - this was a very clear illustrative example....

Posted to the canarylist by Dilson of Miami FL USA

I purchased this yellow, singing canary in 2004. As standard procedure, I always quarantine and treat new arrivals with a drop of IVOMEC over its neck.


Some time after the procedure the bird stopped flying, staggered around the cage as if drunk and died.


I put him over a white paper I was using on the bottom of the quarantine cages (to examine the feces later) and, to my surprise, this mass started to ooze from the bird’s beak. It suffocated the bird. Upon close examination, some of the little dots where moving!


I identified the insects as tracheal mites. There are many different species of mites attacking canaries and some of them do not even eat blood and are thus, protected from the Ivermectin treatment. Case in point is the scale-burrowing mite (on the legs), the feather quill mite (eat keratin only) etc.




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