Santa Clara Finch Club
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Santa Clara Finch Club subscription using PayPal


Your annual Membership includes our quarterly FinchFriends Newsletter, periodic updates on bird health issues, access to our Forums and periodic members' get-togethers for local members in SF Bay Area throughout each year.

PayPal Instructions

On the PayPal payment form please include a brief list of the Finches you are interested in - enter the information in the "Add message to Merchant" area of the form. In the same message box, Please include your daytime phone# with area code in case we need to speak with you about your subscription. These are some of the Finches and Softbills we're focused on:

  1. Lady Gouldian Finches
  2. Society Finches
  3. Zebra Finches
  4. Black and White Mannikins
  5. Bronze Winged Mannikins
  6. Other Africans
  7. Other Species __________________________________________


$25.00 USD One year subscription


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